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How It Works

A Car Title Loan is suitable for anyone who owns the full title on his vehicle and needs a bigger loan amount urgently. These loans are perfect for you if are sure to make timely repayments for a long term, since in case of defaults of repayments the vehicle can be repossessed by the lender. So, if you believe you can afford the loan repayments and need urgent cash apply for Car Title Loans now and briefly go through the loan process as detailed below.

• Step 1: Loan Application

Fill the simple loan application form by clicking the “Apply Now” button above. It takes less than 2 minutes to submit the form. Your application would then be sent to the licensed lenders that offer car title loans in your region.

• Step 2: Loan Approval

You will receive a contact from all those lenders who approve your loan. Usually it takes less than an hour to receive your first response. The lender might ask you to visit their store and drive in the car against which you need a loan. They might ask you to bring along some or all of these documents: Car Title Proof, Identity Card and Proof of Income.

• Step 3: Receive Cash

Once the lender has inspected the vehicle and all your documents, you will have to sign a loan agreement before getting the loan amount. This is a very easy to understand loan document with clauses related to loan terms and conditions. The lender would want you to read all the documents carefully and calmly before signing them.

• Step 4: Loan Repayment

You will be required to make timely repayments of your loan in order to complete the loan successfully. Once your loan amount is paid off along with the interest rate, you will get your car title back.