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Frequently Asked Questions
• What is an Auto Title Loan?

This is a secured personal loan against your vehicle. The loan amount offered usually depends on the equity on your free and clear vehicle. With these loans you can easily get approved for a higher loan amount at lower interest rates.

• How much can I borrow with title loans?

The approved loan amount depends on the worth of your car and your loan affordability. If your car value is great but your regular monthly income is not sufficient to pay monthly installments along with managing your living expenses then you may be approved for a lower loan amount.

• Can I qualify for a title loan if I have bad credit?

Yes. Many lenders offer these loans simply on basis of the value of the car and regular monthly income of the applicant. Since the lender has the security of your vehicle they do not need a credit check to assure their loan repayments.

• What do I need to present in order to obtain title loans?

The lender would ask you for a clear title on your vehicle, a verifiable monthly income and a photo identity proof to confirm your loan.

• Do I have to surrender the vehicle till the loan is paid off?

No. You can keep your car while the title of the car remains with the lender till you have paid off the complete loan amount.